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ello and welcome. I, and a few other fortunate souls, have the pleasure, priveledge, and geis of being possessed by a Commodore Yacht. This site and its associated listserver exist in response to a perceived need: that being the dearth of information extant about our pride and joy. If you decide to subscribe, please see our policies page first! Have a look at the Photo Gallery. Its small now, but we hope to grow it with contributions from subscribers.



p until recently I believed that the company only made one model, the Commodore 26, but listserver subscriber Bryce Laraway found information to the contrary, and shared it with subscriber Charles Pineo, who shared it with me. That information consisted of a sales brochure from the now-defunct Commodore Yacht Corporation, and it contains references, not only to the 26-foot fixed-keel model with which we are familiar, but a 17-foot centerboard sloop as well. Ill try to get the materials scanned and posted to this site as time permits.



couple of years ago, I posted a query to a more general boating bulletin board, looking for factory specifications, but the only responses I got were from others seeking the same, and asking if anyone had come forward with the info! The little information I have acquired, follows:


* The Commodore 26 was manufactured from 1979 to 1984, inclusive. The period of manufacture for the Commodore 17 is not yet general knowledge, although that model had a healthy following at one time.


* According to scuttlebut, the company was doing well, until the owners accepted an order to build a much larger, custom boat. The story goes that they built it, and the customer bailed, so Commodore folded because of negative cash flow. Sounds plausible, but I don't know how much of it is true.


* List subscriber Roger Sonnenfeld suggests that our lady may have been made using molds from the Columbia T26, and has provided some pretty convincing pictoral evidence. Ill post the information hes come up with as time permits.


* The NADA guide lists basic specs and current pricing, for used boat models as far back as 1970. Look there if you are contemplating the purchase or sale of a Commodore 26, and want to get some idea of the value of the craft.



fficial specs for the Commodore 26:







Sail Area


Aux Power

26 0

22 10

7 11

2 1

4400 lb

1400 lb

288 sq ft

24 gal



7 hp Diesel



ast-aways Used Sail Loft and Marine Surplus gives sail dimensions for the Commodore 26, but since our lady has a fractional rig, the value for the I dimension may be suspect. Nonetheless, here they are:













ell us something about your Commodore, and send some pictures, Ill post at least some of it. Better yet, subscribe to the listserver, and share what you know about Commodore Yachts. As new information/lore about these boats surfaces, well move some of it to the website!