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Henry Strickland aboard MorningStar

The Morningstar is a 1982 model, and I bought it used in about 1995.  The name came with the boat, and we liked it, so we kept it.She has a fractional sloop rig, and came with a small sail suite, consisting of a main, a 110% genoa, and a 70% jib.  She was accompanied by a 9.9 hp Johnson SeaHorse of the same vintage.  That motor is pretty much defunct, and I have replaced it with a new Mercury 5hp longshaft, which works admirably.  She lies in north Georgia, on Lake Lanier, and has served and continues to serve us as a sort of relocatable vacation home.  We are preparing to "dress her up" as a prelude to putting her on the market in January, as we want to move up to a larger boat near salt water, in preparation for retirement.  I'd like to keep her, but we also own a 17' trailer sailer, and the wife insists that three sailboats is too many. I just know I have some digital pictures of her somewhere, but I havenít found them since I decided to build this page.When they turn up, Iíll post them.



Roger Sonnenfeld aboard Journey

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